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May 14th, 2020

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Yandex.Browser is the flagship Russian Internet browser, an application developed by the people responsible for the Yandex search engine. It is very similar to Google Chrome and offers interesting features like secure browsing through Kaspersky.

If you switch to this browser, you can import all your bookmarks from Google Chrome when you install it, so you will have your favorite sites just a click away. You can also add the widgets you deem most useful, such as weather and traffic information, or social networking notifications.

Your searches and websites can be done in Smartbox, where results come with several suggestions to help you find what you’re looking for quickly. Yandex.Browser has a 'turbo mode' that starts automatically if your Internet connection starts to lose speed, opening the pages faster thanks to data compression and letting you save time and traffic.

Yandex.Browser includes a protection feature in the browser to detect viruses controlled by the security system along with Kaspersky, which analyzes all the files you download. This browser, like many others, can translate websites written other languages, and recognizes up to 14 of them, including English, French, German and Ukrainian.
By Álvaro Toledo
The Russian Yandex Browser launches its open beta

Yandex is the most-used web browser in Russia, holding more than 60% of the market share (way above Google) due to its capacity to detect Russian inflections in the search bar. The browser itself was launched in beta phase a few years ago, but it’s only now that the first open beta of Yandex Browser has been published with an original browser interface and the added benefit of being based on Chromium.
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Op. System
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Yandex LCC
May 14th, 2020

Older versions

19.4.0 Oct 24th, 2019


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